OP2S, Inc. provides online publishing and programming solutions for K-12 schools, universities, and businesses with our pubStudio suite of software applications. Additionally, we provide a number of services to help you with your business needs.

Our product, pubStudio, can be used to rapidly convert Word documents to a type of electronic book that can be distributed on CD-ROM or DVD, and viewed with the pubStudio custom viewer, psView. pubStudio can also convert documents to a set of HTML files that can be hosted on a Web server and viewed in Internet Explorer.

pubStudio is a great solution for:

  Content Publishers
If you are currently publishing your own content in print or an online format, pubStudio offers you speed and flexibility in the process.

  Content Packagers
If you are providing editorial or data prep services, add pubStudio to your list of resources.

  Documentation Writers
If you want to distribute your documents on CD-ROM and/or on the Web, pubStudio offers you a great way to do so.

  In-House Publishing
If you need to distribute operational manuals and other documentation throughout your company, use pubStudio to quickly distribute the original and updates.

For more information about pubStudio features and components, see the pubStudio and Components pages.

OP2S, Inc. can also help you with your writing, publishing, programming, testing, data prep and conversion needs. We also design, create, and maintain web sites. For more details on these services, visit our Services page.

Please send email to Stevel at op2s.com for a bid, or with any questions you have about what we do.